Cure No.122510
Nickname 超音文
About Me
a normal hyperactive human yet having a fragile soul =3

He likes to help everyone, sometimes even the people that he just know or just become friend for like 1 minute, he also will help.

He is always be called "Baka" or "Uke" by his friends. When he is carefree mode, he is always looks or even act like a Baka, but when he is serious, he will be a completely different person from his carefree mode.

He is the type of human that is unable to get piss off easily. So, he gain alot of friends easily. But, sometimes he is kinda afraid of girls. He always have the most random idea that pop out of nowhere yet sometimes he never use his brain correctly.

He is a smart guy but due to his lazy personality, he lazy to think much that cause him to looks like a stupid guy. Due to his stupidity, he will always help his friends no matter what it will cost and how hard is the task.

He is addicted to Touhou VERY MUCH. He also have the "Brotherly Aura" that makes him easily gain the liking of young children.

Sorry for the long essay, but still if anything u want to say about my cosplay, do say it out loud or pm me if u want, i want to improve as much as i can. ^^
Cosplay Upcoming Plan
- Lily White (Touhou Project)
- ELLY (Touhou Project)
- Sakaki (.hack//G.U.)
- Dark Magician (YuGiOh)
- Daimon Kaito (Phi Brain)
Planning Plan
- Kagamine Miku (Vocaloid Fan Art)
- Bossun (SKET Dance)
- Noah Kanetsugu (Basara)
- Kagamine Len rilakkuma ver. (Vocaloid Fan Art)
Cosplay for Fun Plan
- Kirisame Rerisa (Origin Project: Let's Make Touhou Kids)
- ZUN (Team Shanghai Alice)
- Maidoguy-CHOU (Sekkenya)

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