Cure No.127560
Nickname oruntia
Birthday Jan 24th
Blood TypeType O
Hobbieseating, sleeping, drawing, watching anime, of course COSPLAY!!!!
About Me
I'm Indonesian cosplayer. I live in Jakarta..
All of my costumes are my handmade.

I joined this community to find many friends around the world, especially those in Japan...

nice to meet you all^^
i love you guys :D
My Fave Title is Final Fantasy
I love Final Fantasy Series so i have many costume from this series :D
My favourite cosplay is Ashe from Final Fantasy XII ~ the pattern almost killing me XD XD
Fairy Tail
I am a fans of Hiro Mashima, especially on Fairy Tail...i love cosplaying as Lucy Heartfilia :D
Trinity Blood
I love this series so much!!!! my fave is Esther Blanchett...i wish i can do her queen gown someday :D

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