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Cure No.214186
Nickname 香 Jennie Garnet
Birthday Aug 14th
Blood TypeType O
Favorite event places UKDW , CLAS:H , AFA ID , HelloFest
Hobbiescosplay, playing FF game, RPG game, anime, manga, chatt, facebook^^
About Me
I love manga , anime, game and I loveee Final Fantasy^^
I like yellow gold white brown and red for my fave colour,
I like eating sweets,
I love beeing with my family and my friends..
I like to make new friends too^^

Nice to meet You~

curecos no. 214186

cosplay list

2006 - Miko at JAF
- Goth loli
2007 - Yuki Hime
- RO mage *YasashiiHime cover dance*
- Red Kimono
2008 - Momiji's Sailor
- Sakura Mankai momusu *YasashiiHime cover dance*
- Lenne FFX-2
- High-King - Maimi *YasashiiHime cover dance*
2009 - Sailor Moon
- Mature - KOF
- LineAgeII Wedding elf male
2010 - CCS - Yue *with Ricchi's*
- Rin Tohsaka
- Rose - Street Fighter
- Tekken 5 - Anna William
- Madam Red Kurositsuji
2011 - Tidus FFX
- Original Female Elf
- Aerith Gainsborough FFVII AC
2012 - Freya Chobits
- Maid uniform
- Spring school girl
- Summer festival / Yukata
- Aerith Gainsborough FF7 Heaven version / angel
- Garnet Til Alexandros FFIX ( my fave chara of ALL-at last XD )
2013 - Garnet Til Alexandros FFIX (white mage version)
- Diao Chan Dynasty Warrior 7
- Yuko Ichihara XXXholic (pretty butterfly red dress)
facebook account :D
facebook page
my flickr - 1st
my flickr - 2nd

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