Cure No.244893
Nickname asdcvbtuym
Birthday Oct 11th
Blood TypeType O
About Me
Hi all~

Im from Singapore and have just started cosplaying recently :)
Hope to do plenty more cosplays in the future ^_^

Every year is a turning point theres so many things to do but so little time! Many interesting plans for the near future, hopefully it'll add more volume to my collection~

I love music and singing but I cant dance if my life depended on it :x
My favourite band is actually Gogo7188 but not sure if many people have heard them before haha
I love pink, green and black, I think the combination reminds me of a turtle, and I like goldfish!
My favourite food is potato chips, however if i get pimples, ill switch to ice cream in that meantime.
I enjoy playing games and I cant believe it but I seem to be addicted to realmofthemadgod?!
I have a lousy computer and got no money to upgrade it because its being spent on cosplay!
Im still expanding my makeup collection~ I now understand what it means for a girl to have makeup >_<

I enjoy making friends with the same interests as well~ you can email me or join me on facebook if you like :) just mention cosplay!

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