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Cure No.295707
Nickname Nie Ichihara
Birthday Apr 09th
Blood TypeType AB
About Me
I really love to sew costumes and to make props/ weapons
It is because One: you can actually personalized your costumes
Two: some of the dressmakers and tailors can't actually copy the exact details of the costume
Three: there will always be happiness when you finally finished making your costumes

and lastly I just love cosplay and also to love and respect the character that we are cosplaying :)

Been a cosplayer when I was at the age of 6 at the SM Mall tour for Sailor Moon, and me as Sailor Moon.My Mom brought me to the Cosplay world.She just really loves to watch anime which also lead me watching it and loving it.
And back in 1995 our Family started attending conventions until It reached 2005 which is my Very First Decided Cosplay at Hataw Hanep Hero Con.

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