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Cure No.306581
Nickname jherBISHIE-in-Training
Blood TypeType O
About Me
i'm miserable and i need a fairy godparent..-_-

i am deprived of adequate sleep..i have a case of polyuria due to excessive fluid intake which gives me the risk for hypervolemia and hyponatremia..maybe i have diabetes mellitus (i need to have my urine tested), i appreciate "nag niwang ka bala!" comments, i want to be whiter, i want to see cosplays in Japan (join them too..), and there are a lot of stuffs about me that are too nonsense to tell..

i love: GOD, ling xiaoyu, angelina jolie, mila jovovich, jamie lee curtis, the kuchiki family, my mom, my dad, my family, my friends, smart people, my guitar, my psp, my ipod, my nintendo ds, my game boy advanced, my kisuke urahara hat, my ash ketchum cap, my naruto hachingane, my hair, my anatomy and physiology book, my pathophysiology book, my laptop, my room, my air conditioner, my closet, my clothes, my bp apparatus, my shoes, my books that i dont read, my zanpakutous, my classmates, my teachers, my neighbors, ahh damn it - so many to love..

i hate: assholes, having the hairs of my legs being pulled off, amphibians, illnesses, boring days, losing something i ignored before and immediately needed it as soon as possible, valentine's day, having my stuffs stolen and have me chase after it, being sleepless, pain, and most of them i hate them so much that i forgot them..
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